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 Clean Alternative to GoDaddy Domain Name Registrations 

Clean Alternative to GoDaddy Domains

Dear Conscientious Shopper,

Many of you have heard of the company "Go Daddy" because of its low cost domain registration services.  Many of you know that this company has become more provocative over the last years.  This company sells products through GoDaddy.com and its various reseller sites.  Bob Parsons, the president of GoDaddy.com and WildWestDomains, has directed his company into indecent territory and continued to push the limits.  Bob's advertisements are pornographic.  His Super Bowl advertisements are routinely rejected by the networks, until one of his obscene ads finally makes it through the screening process.  Bob has intentionally ignored the voice of family friendly shoppers asking him to reconsider his tactics.  In addition, he has taken a stance on condoning torture of enemy prisoners. 

Bob uses sex, because he knows that sex sells.  PJLHosting.com believes that making money is not the chief end of man.  We will serve God, not money.  Please don't mistake us as prudes.  We believe that sex is a good gift from God, a gift that can only be enjoyed when found within the context of marriage and when Christ reigns supreme in our hearts.  So, for the joy of all peoples, we encourage people not to support Bob Parsons as he encourages people to commit idolatry: to lust after and worship sex.

We encourage you to switch your domain registation to us.  For those with domains registered with Bob Parsons, we urge you to switch your domains over to our domain registration interface.  Switching today will add one year to your domain's current expiration date, so you have nothing to lose!  In addition, we now offer free domain privacy protection.  Simply follow the instructions below to transfer.

We praise God for the opportunity to glorify Him with our money.  Thank you for checking out our domain registration interface and products!

Jonathon Jones

How do I know if I am still supporting Godaddy.com/WWD? 

If you are still getting notifications about renewing your domain with links to a securepaynet.net or godaddy.com page, you are still with Godaddy.com/WWD.  You could do a "whois" on your domain at betterwhois.com to see where your domain is registered.  If Wild West Domains or GoDaddy turns up, you are not registered with PJLHosting.com.

How do I transfer away from the old Godaddy.com/WWD interface?

If you are still with GoDaddy or WWD, we can get your transferred away as soon as possible.  Transferring will add one year of registration to your domain's current expiration date.  You have nothing to lose.  Failed transfers will result in a credit to your account.

1. Go to Godaddy.com or your WWD reseller site, such as https://www.securepaynet.net/gdshop/rhp/default.asp?prog_id=domainspricedright
2. Log into your account at "My Account."  You can request a new password if you have forgotten it.
3. View your Domain Names.  Unlock the domains you wish to transfer away.
4. You should see all your domains in a list.  Click on the name of the domain you want to transfer away to open up more options. 

4a. Please make sure that the email address on file for the listed administrator of the domain is good: the email being accessible and checked by you.  But be aware that if you actually change the listed email on file, WWD makes it hard to transfer and denies you the right to transfer for 60 days.  (For those of you who paid for domain privacy,  you should turn it off so that your email will show.  This can be done at www.domainsbyproxy.com.  By the way, we provide free domain privacy protection.  Disabling privacy protection should not put a 60 day hold on your account.) 

4b. Request a transfer away authorization code. You do this by clicking on your domain to see more options, then clicking "Send by Email" next to "Authorization code."  You will need to enter this code on our transfer page.

5.  Next, go to our domain transfer order page and order a domain registration transfer.  After you've completed your order, we will ask you to approve the transfer to us via your listed administrative email address.  After that approval, WWD will also email you telling you to deny the transfer or else the transfer will complete within a few days.  They don't tell you though that you can go in at that same page to speed up the transfer by approving it immediately.  Please speed up the transfer, especially if your domain is about to expire.

Thanks for your efforts at being a faithful steward!


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