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Paypal: Many people will want to sell products on their websites.  A simple way to do it is to use Paypal.  You can sign up for a Paypal merchant account here.  Paypal will allow you to receive payments and donations while protecting your client's data.  You can also set up recurring subscription payments.

Those that are more advanced may want to get a dedicated IP address from us and install a SSL certificate.  SSL Certificates require a dedicated IP address to properly install.

Dedicated IP address: To purchase a dedicated IP address, log in at the member portal here.  The cost is $5 per month or $60 per year.  We will notify you when your hosting account has been set on its own IP address.

Rapid SSL Certificate: To purchase a Rapid SSL Certificate, click here.  Rapid SSL validates that your domain is registered through someone with admin rights who is aware of and approves the certificate request.  This certificate issues within 10 minutes and offers up to 256-bit SSL encryption, recognized by 99+% of browsers.  It costs $25/year and may be registered for up to 5 years.



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