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 One Plan Hosting@

We keep it simple.  Our standard "One Plan Hosting" package is $50 per year (USD) or $15 quarterly.  This hosting plan features 1500 MB (1.5 gigabyte) of disk space. This is plenty for most, but if you need an upgrade now or in the future, we will be glad to work with you now or later to customize a plan. 

One Plan Hosting includes:

1500 MB (1.5 gigabyte) web space
10 GB of data transfer per month.  If you exceed the data transfer limit, we can arrange to increase your bandwidth limit.  We are forgiving and give advanced notification of a need to upgrade.
Featuring CPanel with Softaculous!  Softaculous lets you automatically install Open Source Applications such as Joomla, Wordpress, or phpBB2 with a click.


    < < Cpanel Demo > >                        < < Softaculous demo > >

Free website builder!  Don't know how to create a website?  A site builder license is provided for free to you upon request.

Website builder demo >

Create sub-domains to structure your website
FTP and Shell access
PHP 5.2.16 and MySQL database
Site traffic monitoring and statistics with Webalizer or AWStats
Create email addresses, forwarders, or auto-responders
Check email with webmail options or an email client
Spam filtering with options to view quarantine digests
Maintain mailing lists
Cgi-bin (Perl 5.2.13), Python, Server-Side Includes
Create password protected directories for security
Frontpage extensions enabled upon request.
Data is backed up in case of data failure.

30 day money back guarantee!  No questions asked.  This applies to our One Plan Hosting product, not domain name registrations.

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Note: If you don't have a domain name already, you can add search for a domain name and register it for around $10/year by clicking "add domain to product" when checking out.


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